Firefly Lighting and its artisans create beautiful lighting and ironwork. Create an heirloom for your home or business.


Firefly Lighting began in the early 1990s. We started selling our recycled products locally with humble beginnings and virtually no initial startup money. Our first manufacturing facility was a 10' x 10' portable building. Today we have invested in our own 6000 square foot studio workshop facility; however, we take pride in the fact that our original employees still work for our company. Our professional shop has been created through hard work and perseverance; and we are grateful for the many clients that have helped us achieve our successes.

We take pride in the many fine projects we have been chosen to help complete. Our first lighting project seems like many years ago now, but with each new order we still have the excitement that began with us many years ago. It is our desire to keep the fun in the process of making our products, and to develop our employee's talent and creativity. It is also our goal to bring that same sense of creativity and excitement to our clients!